The Kibo Code Profits

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What are The Kibo Code's Expected Profits?

The Kibo Code Profits

Realistic Profit

With the Kibo Code model, it is very easy to calculate how much profit you will make for each sale and how many sales you will make for a single product on a weekly basis. Therefore, you can work out in advance, what achievable profits you will make.

Time Commitment

Your time commitment is as low as it gets because again, 90% of the process is automated once you have it set up. This puts it on a par with Affiliate Marketing and Kindle in the 'time commitment' stakes.

Speed of Results

The speed of results in this instance is unmatched. You can go from "start to selling" in as little as 24 hours and see your first sales very soon after.

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Start-Up Costs

The startup costs are also the lowest, on a par with Kindle. Other than a simple website (which as you'll discover on the live calls, we are going to give you), there's really nothing you need in order to get going.


The Kibo Code model has the HIGHEST level of certainty of any of the models, because again, there is a HUGE demand for the products you are selling, and there are millions of products to choose from and sell.

Like I said a few moments ago, barring Kindle (which we built to a $50,000/year profit level), Steve and I have built million-dollar businesses using EVERY single one of the models discussed. We are uniquely qualified to talk about the pros and cons here.

Think about it and see if you come to the same conclusions.

This ISN'T rocket science, it's quite easy to see why this is so profitable and makes such a good business to run!

To summarize, the 'holy grail' business is one that has:

✓ HIGH profits expected in its first year
✓ HIGH profits expected after 3 years (can be scaled)
✓ The LOW weekly time commitment on your part
✓ RAPID RESULTS, how long does it take to reach $1,000 profit using each model?
✓ LOW startup costs
✓ HIGH predictability (what are the odds you will actually succeed? Is what you're doing a sure-bet or a gamble?)

And the 'Kibo Code' model ticks them all.

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