The Kibo Code Steps

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The Kibo Code 4-Simple Steps

The Kibo Code Steps

Let's take a look at how the 4-Step system works in practice.

Here are the 4 simple steps. Then once you have completed the 4 steps you simply "Repeat and Scale" - and go from $100/day to $1000/day and beyond by keeping the most profitable products, eliminating the ones that don't make money, then testing more products to find additional winners and make bigger profits.

Let's dive into more detail on each of these Kibo Code 4 steps.

Step 1 - Install Your Store

The first thing you need to do is to get your storefront online. Gone are the days when you need to spend days, weeks and a ton of money designing and optimizing a website...

The system we have developed involves a simple super-fast 1-click

website installation process which requires no technical knowledge at all.

Not only that, we have spent the past 18 months testing and tweaking a variety of website "themes".

We've probably tested 50 variations overall which have been visited by millions of people with tens of thousands of products sold.

We have optimized them down to the highest converting version - one that we have used to generate up to $76K per day in sales.

Want to know the best news?

You will be able to use the exact theme as us which will eliminate months of guesswork for you.

The only real tasks you will need to do are to think of a domain name, get it registered and create a simple logo.

(When you attend one of the live training labs, you will discover that we have made this VERY easy for you, to the point where you won't even need to pay to get a logo designed)

And in terms of the domain name. as you are going to be testing and selling a large variety of products in multiple niches, the name needs to be something generic, not niche specific. In other words, something like. or etc.

The final part of Step 1 is to install a series of custom-made special apps that have been designed to maximize sales and triple conversions. Again, this is a 2-minute job.

As you can see, the whole set up process is extremely fast.

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Step 2 - Load Your Products

The next step is to select the products you are going to sell, load them into your storefront ready to sell and make money.

Now the beauty of this system is that the product selection process is also very fast. Like we've already talked about, you don't need to spend days or

weeks trawling through Amazon listings or using paid-for tools to do market research.

You side-step all that time-consuming process and focus directly on picking profitable products.

The question is where and how do you find winning products?

Well, the manual way would be to search through USA-based supplier inventory lists and pinpoint products that fit specific traffic and demand criteria.

However, with so many millions of products available, that would be a time-consuming process.

That is why we have created our own in-house database tool which contains 3 million products from a selection of trusted suppliers.

All you do is carry out a simple search using the tool, then it will list out all the traffic stats, demand, pricing and profit per sale numbers for the products it suggests.

You search the database, pinpoint products, then start testing them to live targeted traffic almost instantly.

The reason why this is so fast is that the "listings" are already pre-created for you so it is simply the case of loading them into your site (which takes a few seconds).

Then you are DONE and READY to sell.

Again, this is why this system is so amazing. When it comes to going from "start to selling" this is easily the fastest business model we have ever seen.

With other models, you are looking at a minimum of a month, usually 3 months.

In this case, we are talking LESS THAN 24 hours.

Just before we move on, be sure to make sure you register for one of the live workshops that we are running next Monday.

Not only will you discover how to get access to our in-house product database tool, but you'll also discover how we are going to give you FIVE HAND-PICKED products that you can sell immediately, which will further take out the guesswork and allow you to get up running and selling even faster than usual.

The Kibo Code - Make Sales and Profits

Step 3 - Make Sales & Profits

The third step is all about getting sales and making money.

When you are starting a new venture and diving into a new business model, psychologically, the most important thing is to make your first sale as fast as possible to prove to yourself that the system works.

That is why it is best to focus on getting instant traffic.

Of course, there are many methods of driving traffic to these types of online stores (which we also do), but the one that we focus on first is:

Untapped "Shopping Platform Traffic"

This is a very simple process and there is NO NEED to create an actual Ad.

All you need to tell the shopping platform is the URL on your site, where the product is located. The platform then sucks in the images and text from your website listing and creates the Ad for you.

Once this is done, you launch the campaign and only pay for clicks that your listing gets, and you know EXACTLY how much you'll be paying.

As an example, if you were selling Birdcages when someone typed "birdcages" or "birdcages for sale", your product listing would appear (assuming you had chosen those keywords).

When your listing is clicked on, it would take the person directly to your site, where they would be able to purchase the product that you're selling.

There is one critical thing to mention about this.

This type of traffic is extremely targeted and VERY effective.

It is high-converting "buyer traffic"

This is in contrast to advertising on Facebook where you would be targeting people who have an interest in birds and would be setting up Ads that would appear on their feed (no pun intended!).

Essentially this is "interruption marketing". Not only are these people NOT looking to buy anything at that moment, but the Ads are also probably annoying as 99% of people seeing the Ad have absolutely no interest in birdcages, let alone buying one.

On the flip side, when someone types in "birdcages for sale" into a search engine, they are clearly looking to buy a birdcage at that particular moment.

This is why the conversions from shopping traffic are so high and why we use it.

It is also MUCH cheaper than traditional Google Ads, Facebook Ads and other types of paid traffic too.

If you know what you're doing, you can get clicks for pennies on the dollar.

So this is where we start.

We use shopping platform traffic as a testing ground to quickly identify winning products.

Then. once we have proven a product sells, we take it to the next level by:

• Expanding to other shopping traffic sources
• Building email lists
• Creating funnels and email sequences to boost conversions
• Take advantage of effective retargeting strategies
• Expand to other types of cheap ads
• Put an additional focus on free traffic methods

Step 4 - Systemize Delivery System

You may be wondering what actually happens when you make a sale.

The way it works is beautifully simple. In laymen's terms, what happens is this.

• A person orders a product from your store
• You get paid upfront
• You buy the product from the supplier
• The supplier ships the product directly to the customer
• The difference between what the customer paid for the product on your store and what the supplier charges you for the product (and the shipping cost) is your PROFIT.

The good news is that the above fulfillment process requires almost no work on your part.

In fact, it is 100% automated when you set it up correctly.

You don't need to talk to anyone (which for many is a blessing) and you certainly don't need to see or handle the product you are selling.

We've had days when we have sold as many as 1000 products and obviously, it would be impossible to handle the fulfillment of this many products manually.

Now one important thing to say here is that we only use suppliers located in the country where we are actually selling products. So when we are selling products in the USA, we only use USA based suppliers.

This is a really important KEY POINT.

Maybe you have followed a similar model like this before but using (the Chinese based wholesale site). The problem with that method is that the shipping times can be extremely long.

A customer could order a product from you and it may take up to 3 weeks for it to arrive from China. Clearly, this is an issue.

Doing it our way not only cuts down on customer complaints, but it also increases on-site conversions as the person knows they are going to receive the product they are thinking about ordering in a couple of days.

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